Three-Part Plant-Based

DIY Skin Care Vitality Workshop

Sunday, June 23rd
2 - 4 pm
DIY Plant Based Cleansers Workshop
Sunday, June 30th
2 - 4 pm
DIY Plant Based Masks Workshop
Sunday, July 7th
2 - 4 pm
DIY Plant Based Moisturizers Workshop

It is time to pass on the secrets! Expect a hands-on experiential class led by Brandi Jo Perkins of Ritual Union, Botanical Skin Care & Apothecary. She is a trained Clinical Herbalist who specializes in beautiful custom plant-based skin care. Take home the goodies that you design and leave with the know how to create and replicate these processes at home. 

Classes are beginner friendly, and yet for the more seasoned herbal students or skin care aficionados. All kinds are welcome. There are limited spots available so buy your ticket in advance! 

These workshops offer a learning experience centered around vitality enhancing rituals of plant-based skin care. The benefits include plant connection and more affordable skin care through expanding your knowledge of friendly herbs, extracts, clays, oils, fruits, honeys, food, safe preservation methods, and a plethora more. 

Each workshop is an empowering hands-on thorough exploration of the nitty-gritty demystification of skin care products and what works best for you. We will weave through understanding skin types, skin health, skin actions, and skin relations. Most importantly, we will debunk our confusion around skin care products and gain more insight into the health of our own skin. These workshops will focus on the practical skill sets and the “making” of the life-enriching support our skin thrives in. Each class will flesh out the specifics of the topic chosen, pivoting the seasons and cycles of our lives. Gain a greater insight into formulating toxin-free, organic, & vibrantly fresh skin care. These classes will educate you about skin care products in the stores and how to save money and create beautiful skin happy experiences in sync with you.

You will leave with knowledge, experience, and plenty of sensual goodies you can use right away.

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Nails Y'all Workshop

with Meghann Rosales

Saturday, June 29th, 2019
2-5 PM

Join Nails Y'all for a Texas-themed nail workshop on Saturday, 6/29! Accessorize with bandana and cow prints. Vibe on Janis Joplin denim, take the plunge like Selena, and spark flames bigger than Beyonce's 2013 Superbowl halftime show. Then bid an hasta manana with an ombre Marfa sunset. 
Ticket includes a nail art kit with lots of take-home goodies.
All levels welcome. Have you attended a Nails Y'all workshop in the past? Don't worry--these are brand new designs!
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Create Your Own Perfume

with Krista Lacey

Date will be announced soon!

All materials are provided and you will be using all-natural essential oils . Guests will be taking home a 6ml oil-based perfume in a glass roller bottle complete with a special label for you to name your creation.

In this workshop, each guest will be able to sample 20-30 different essential oils, as well as some special Accords created by Krista. She will walk you through the process of getting to know the oils and how to start formulating your own perfume. Guests will be documenting their scented journey on a Formula Card (which is basically a recipe card) which will be kept on file at the perfumery. This way you don’t have to worry about losing your recipe and can easily reorder your fabulous creation. All formulas are kept securely on file and are solely for your personal use.

Classes typically take 2 hours, but can sometimes run over the allocated time. Please be sure to arrive on time and anticipate a little extra time just in case.


Save the Planet, Paint a Tote with Susannah Haddad

Sunday, April 7th, 2019
3-5 PM

Let's get creative and save the planet all at the same time. In this workshop, you will learn all about Henri Matisse's cut out period. We will use his techniques to create beautiful hand painted reusable canvas totes. You will leave this class with two canvas totes, one for you and one for a friend!
Materials, snacks, and beverages provided. No prior painting skills required. I hope to see you all there!
About the Instructor
Susannah Haddad is a multidisciplinary artist who has been featured in West Elm, Urban Outfitters and will be showing an upcoming collection at the Doughtery Arts Center JCB Gallery in 2020. She believes art is a universal language that translates not only in the finished piece but in the process of creating art.

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Leather Making Workshop: Vases with Noah Marion

Sunday, May 19th, 2019
3-5 PM


Join Noah Marion in a leather making workshop. Noah will teach you leather making techniques and tricks and work the process of cutting, stitching and molding leather to create a beautiful leather covered vase for flowers or a candle.

About the Instructor
A true renaissance man, Noah Marion has created an eponymous collection of beautiful handmade leather goods and more from his Austin, TX studio. One of the growing list of makers with their own brick and mortar shops, Noah exemplifies what most makers aim to be: a dedicated craftsman with a keen and creative eye for detail.

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